Stacks on Stacks

I had a creative writing professor my last year of college who told me I was one of the greatest students with whom he’s ever been blessed; however, he thought I could benefit from exploring literature and poetry. Though my writing was already bold and exciting, he believed I could only improve if I allowed myself to be influenced by as many authors and styles as I could expose myself to.  In short, he told me the best thing I could do after graduating was to read A SHIT TON OF BOOKS.

A few years have passed since I received my degree so it’s possible some of that information is slightly exaggerated by a combination of elapsed time and my fragile ego–we may never know. What we do know is, like with all my other assignments, I procrastinated and opted to instead watch A SHIT TON OF NETFLIX. But like those other assignments, I found my way back to it, just a bit (ahem, six years) later than I probably should have. 

This is my way of bragging that I just finished my 18th book of 2016 and have read just over 5,000 pages this year. 


get on my level
 Holy fuck, right? See, my professor was onto something. I’m getting more eloquent already.