Name:  Gina Leenerts

Age:  Old enough to go through a quarter-life crisis.

Height:  I have to ask for assistance when reaching items on the top shelf.

Weight:  A lady never tells.

Likes:  Nail polish, cat-eye makeup, stand-up comedy, cats, citrus, 30 Rock, Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream, meats, television, lipstick esp. berry or plum in color, cats, holidays, medical anomalies, the ID channel, whiskey, cats, magic, Planet Earth, Bukowski, Vice documentaries, feminism, night cheese, Harry Potter and all Harry Potter related fandom, cats, apocalypse, birthdays, Wall-e, Dolly Parton, America, cats, etc.

Dislikes:  Sharks, volcanoes, sink holes, tsunamis, turbulence, Catholic guilt, princess culture, Monsanto, and all other villains.


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