Horse Play

This morning as we were getting ready, I was telling my boyfriend about one of my all time favorite murders where a girl posed as an FBI agent in order to trick her mom and boyfriend into killing a family for her. I couldn’t remember her name or other details so I started to google “girl acts like” and had to pause for a minute when I saw the third result: 

though, honestly, the second result is pretty troubling too.

 I laughed then immediately clicked on it. 
I mean, I don’t know what I expected. It was exactly as it sounds. 

There was even a pretty recent article about a girl in Encinitas who does such a thing.  Cool, I thought, remember to avoid Encinitas, and went back to researching more normal things, like a woman catfishing her mom on her home computer while she sat three feet away yelling at Wheel of Fortune.

I somehow managed to forget all about this until perusing Hulu this evening.  I was excited to see My Strange Addiction was available, and began looking through episodes. 

That’s when I saw this.

Is this the universe telling me to get into pony play?  I truly hope not.  But it’s good to know there’s a girl just up in Encinitas who can give me some tips if I do.


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