The Sandwich Chronicles: Cheers!

I love sandwiches.  All kinds, really.  Hot, cold, grilled, veggie, meaty, ice cream–you name it, I will devour it greedily.  Like with most foods, I have a handful of go-to spots that I stick to because (reference blog name) I’m just too lazy to find somewhere new.  I also like the comfort of knowing just what something will taste like–the turkey sandwich at Windmill Farms will always come out the same, simple way, no tricks, no funny business.  However, this year I am trying to lunge outside of my comfort zone.  Life is too short to not order a banh mi every once in a while.  And so starting today and running through the end of the year, I will be visiting a new sandwich shop once a week and trying something different.  I will log my eatings here so you all may applaud my courage and take this life-enriching journey with me.

Okay, let’s get started.


I decided to ease into the quest with a simple sandwich from this San Carlos institution.  On the outside, Cheers is not the most appealing of all stores.  It’s unassuming, a hair too dark, and has an old 60’s vibe complete with lattice and bunches of fake grapes dangling from the ceiling.  This is usually a sign that the place is either guilty of a few health code violations or is the real deal.  Cheers is the latter.  I’ve had a hankering for a turkey sandwich (oh shut up; I’ll try something adventurous next week) and so I decided on the Swiss Alps which comes topped with bacon, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, red onions, shredded lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and dijon mustard.  I got mine on a french roll and added avocado for a dollar more (someday I hope to live in a world where there is no extra charge for this).


As far as turkey sandwiches go, this bad boy was delicious.  The turkey was thinly sliced and the serving was generous.  I couldn’t quite taste the swiss, so it was nice to have the bite of the cheddar in there to cut some of the saltiness of the meats.  The avocado was perfectly ripe and was a nice addition to the sandwich, though I am the type of person who could add avocado to cake and think it a nice addition, so maybe you shouldn’t take my word for it (but really, avocado cake? How is this not yet a thing?).  Oh, hey, speaking of foods I love in a creepy, obsessive way, this sandwich also had Dijon.  Was it enough?  Was it dripping out of the sandwich and running down to my elbows?  Was I sopping it up off of my plate with bread afterwards, happy and sighing and at peace with the world?  No.  I was not.  In truth, the mustard was barely present.  I was also disappointed in the lack of acid–there were no pepperoncinis on it and not even a pickle spear served alongside.  I blame this for why I did not finish the whole thing.  I needed something to get in there and break up the flavor.  All in all it was a good sandwich; it came with a side of macaroni salad, and only cost me $8.95.

Since sandwich day is usually a special time for me, I decided to fully treat myself and I got a nice bag of chips and a craft soda.  Cheers really lacked variety, but I found a butterscotch root beer and a bag of Dirty Potato chips that sounded weird enough to try.

These brands really need to rethink their names.
These brands really need to rethink their names.

Despite the fact that I felt like a sassy 80 year old woman drinking her Dang! soda and eating Funky Fusion chips, these were some pretty good sides.  The chips were dusted with a mix of random spices including but not limited to paprika and garlic salt, and had a tangy, sweet, bitter thing going on.  Not bad.  Pretty funky.  As for the soda, I’m in love.  In my 14 year quest since first reading Harry Potter, this is the closest I have come to the highly coveted butter beer.  I tried the Flying Cauldron brand butterscotch soda and it was too sweet–I could feel a mossy film grow on my teeth with each sip.  However Dang! (*shudders*) achieves the perfect balance.  The root beer flavor mellows out the butterscotch and makes it smoother and creamier.  I would drink these every day if it were not for the bottle.

Alright here’s a quick rating for those of you who don’t like so many words:

Price: $8.95

Menu: Lots of variety–from classic deli meats to Philly Cheesesteak to breakfast sandwiches.

Ambiance: Weird, but in a good way.  Like going to the gym drunk.

Sides: Good, though few to choose from.

Second Trip Worthy? Most definitely.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10 sandwiches


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